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Research & Creation

Tangible User Interfaces and Metaphors for 3D

Andrew Blakney, Sudhir Mudur

Beginning of the project was marked by the creation of the 3D interaction metaphor of navigational puppetry, and implementation into a tangible user interface prototype, The Navi-Teer, which afforded basic navigation within a virtual world. The preliminary goal was to attempt to blur the lines between the ‘action’ and ‘perception’ of the navigation activity and to blend egocentric and exocentric control. The prototype was further augmented to behave as a 3D soundscape modelling and experience tool allowing the user to yield unique ‘spatial’ 3D audio mixes through the act of navigation. Building on this research, the current aim is to explore the tangible and gestural elements of new areas of creatively biased 3D interactions. The focus is on the theoretical end of interaction metaphor design interface prototyping ‘gesturally’ flesh out his puppeteering metaphor into a complete 3D interaction solution and implement it through a simple prototype to look at 3D interaction in support of creative output like sound editing or visual art or animation.

Project Type

es, Interface and Gesture