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Reading War and Peace while playing Team Fortress 2

Posted by jason

Well, he doesn’t say it’s War and Peace but it would be great if that was the case. Interesting snippet from an interview with Chet Faliszek, one of the Left 4 Dead developers, where he talks about a use for all-talk that I had never imagined (emphasis mine)…

“The guys I played TF2 [Team Fortress 2] with – we sometimes put all-talk on, and one guy will read from a book. Or we’ll put music on. It’s just hanging out via the medium of trying to win at these games. If games didn’t have that element to them, it’d be like playing dolls or something.”

Imagine the “suggested reading” list for your favorite games. Call of Duty + Generation Kill. Left 4 Dead + The Stand. Locco Roco + Where The Wild Things Are. (I know, I know, LR isn’t networked but maybe I can get somebody to just stand beside me and read it…)