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Reminder: Sonic Pi User Group begins tomorrow!

Posted by mrghosty



Following our highly successful and capacity Live Coding Workshop last Friday, we are now moving to regular bi-weekly meetups for those interested in continuing their Sonic Pi adventures!

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, January 28th, at 7pm-9pm, The TAG Atelier Space (EV bldg, rm 11.425) will host the Sonic Pi User Group. The idea behind this user group is to take what we’ve learned from Martin Zeilinger’s great workshop, and continue to explore the art of live coding. If you didn’t make it to the workshop, fear not! Anyone is welcome to drop in and try it out. The software has some great tutorials built in, and other members of the user group will be there to help you along.

Hopefully, after a few months of collaborative learning through the User Group, we can move towards a group/ ensemble performance night, and bring Montreal it’s first bonafide algorave!

If you’re interested and want to know more, please contact TAG Researcher skot deeming: mrghosty(at)gmail(dot)com, with the subject line: SONIC PI U.G.