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Stats, Lady Gamers, and Decode Global

Posted by Jen Whitson

In lead-up to GAMERella happening next week, and following Charlotte’s awesome how-to post on game jamming, I figured that it’d be nice to share some related material that’s floating around the interwebs. tuuli

Gamerwife (aka Mariko) has a great interview with Tuuli Saarinen in her “Dames Making Games” segment.  (I’ve shamelessly stolen Gamerwife’s great photo as TAG needs more birds).

Decode Global, the social change game start-up where Tuuli works, has also been busy writing.  You can find out more about what Decode Global does  (beyond just making games) in this article on collaborative learning and this Guardian article on connecting youth to international development issues through both games and actual internships, written by Nicole Darabian and Elana Cipin.

Or, you know, you can just knock on their door on the 11th floor of the EV building.  😉

And, if you want a bit of spiciness to your morning, check out the Electronic Software Associations’ 2013 stats about Canada’s game industry and gamers. There’s some interesting stats in there – 46% of gamers are women.  And they like educational games and puzzle and word games.  Not shooters or action games, apparently.  (Don’t even get me started on the industry stats and the problematic assumptions in that section).