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TALK: Studying Game Industries (Plural) by Olli Sotamaa

Posted by Gina

Come see Olli Sotamaa talk about the game industry in Finland this coming Monday April 11 at noon.


In their take on music industries, Williams & Cloonan (2007) suggested that rather than a single industry scholars should work towards addressing the diversity of cultural industries, plural. In this talk, Olli Sotamaa explores what this could mean in the context of professional game development. Games are not created in a vacuum. Instead, they are shaped by national, local, organizational, studio-based and individual game development cultures. Using Finnish game industry as an example, this talk goes on to show how moving towards a more context-aware globalized model of game industries can help us provide more insight into regional game development cultures that have never relied on domestic markets or local platform holders.

Olli Sotamaa, PhD, is Senior Researcher Fellow at Game Research Lab, University of Tampere. His publications cover user-generated content, player cultures, player-centered research methods, and cultural and historical analysis of game industry. Sotamaa has published in and edited special issues for several scholarly journals including Convergence, Fibreculture, First Monday, Games and Culture, Game Studies, International Journal of Arts and Technology, and Simulation and Gaming. His current research interests include co-production, creative labor and independent gaming scenes.

WHEN: April 11th, 12pm
WHERE: Concordia University, EV 11.705 (1515 St Catherine W.)