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Beasts of Balance – Like Jenga, But With Chimeras

When cracking open the box for Beasts of Balance, two things quickly become apparent.
First, it is immediately obvious that the physical elements of the game have been constructed lovingly. The box contains half a dozen animals, a collection of abstracted elemental pieces, and two sets of platforms — all beautifully molded out of lightweight plastic. The aesthetic for Beasts of Balance seems to be that of faux-origami, with the game pieces boasting broad flat edges, …

TAG Profiles: Rebecca Goodine

TAG Profiles is a blog series that explores the work of current TAG scholars. Rebecca Goodine is a multimedia artist and a master’s student in Concordia’s Design program.
Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing for your master’s.
Emotions and sensitivities is sort of where I’m situated with my current research — specifically, as experienced through physical game design and creative game design that is played in-person. The project that I ended up making for …

The Charming Asymmetry of Root

Despite quite enjoying my first game of Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right, I found myself scratching my head as the game session drew to a close. The marauding Marquise de Cat had, to put it bluntly, utterly annihilated the other three factions, winning by a comfortable margin of ten points. My imperial bird armies had performed admirably in the face of this feline onslaught, despite grappling with their fair share of internal …