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Early game design document from SOCI 650A/4 Winter 2010

We brainstormed based on a ideas that we put on the board. This was from Lynn Hughes’ design portion of hers and Bart’s course Game Theory and Design. The original idea turned off a few people, but it lead to some interesting game projects that revolved around controlling area.
An original game design document, riffing off gerrymandering.

Research Symposium- Privacy Game brainstorming session

Last Wednesday’s Research Symposium was a great success as Shanly Dixon lead a brainstorming session:
“Working on the presumption that people learn through doing, the game design component of the curriculum is intended to provide students with an opportunity to explore definitions and understandings of the concept of privacy through play. Using the Grow-a-Game workshop (created by Tiltfactor as part of Values @ Play) as a model, student will create and pitch game concepts that explore …