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Thinking Green at Global Game Jam 2017

This 20th-22nd of January, TAG was proud to be one of the many sites for the 2017 iteration of Global Game Jam, the world’s largest game-making event. The theme this year was ‘Waves’, but on top of that our on-site jam organizers, Gina Hara and Lianne Decary-Chen, with the amazing collaboration of Concordia’s Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) added in an extra twist for our jammers – a local diversifier that challenged the game makers to relate their final …

Global Game Jam

The global game jam
It was the last Friday of January 2011, at 6:15 when the volunteers at ETS explained to us the process we were about to undergo. First, we would watch a Keynote addressed to individuals from New Zealand to California, granting us the courage to begin our task. It was given in near silence, by Katamari Damacy’s designer in a body humourous style. Then we would sit in quiet for 10 minutes and …