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April 25 5a7 Research Symposium

This week we’ll be deciding the fate of the 5a7 Research Symposium, at least for the summer, at 4:30pm in the 11th floor TAG lab. All those interested in adding their two cents and/or helping out with the organization of the 5a7s are invited. On the agenda are the time/day/frequency of the 5a7, “plan B” events, and hopefully a draft schedule showing who will be on duty and when.
This 5a7 will also be a goodbye …

Bizarro Game Controllers Studio at TEI 2011

At long last, some documentary video from Eric Kabisch’s and my Bizarro Game Controllers studio, held at TEI 2011. It looks like a crazy hackathon, but in fact, some people attending had no experience with hardware, and some couldn’t really program — since we convinced people to form groups to work together, each group had a range of skills and were all able to put together something fun and interesting. All this stuff was made …