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Dying to Live: First Impressions of Modded Minecraft

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By Monday, I managed to relearn everything I thought I knew about Minecraft. The PC controls weren’t far from what kicks in for most folks who haven’t biked in a long while, nor was the in-your-face IMAX view I now had of a world I once stored in my pockets and iPad 2 cases when they were still trendy.
No, it was that this …

Doing Games Research with Walkthroughs, Wikis, Cheats, and Hacks

I’m not very good at videogames. This, in and of itself, is not particularly noteworthy. However, as a game studies scholar, playing through videogames and documenting them is often a key part of my research process. When games skew a bit towards the difficult — such as with platformers and old-school action titles — gaming prowess can become a prerequisite for progressing and reaching certain objectives. This raises some interesting questions for game studies scholars: …