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April 25 5a7 Research Symposium

This week we’ll be deciding the fate of the 5a7 Research Symposium, at least for the summer, at 4:30pm in the 11th floor TAG lab. All those interested in adding their two cents and/or helping out with the organization of the 5a7s are invited. On the agenda are the time/day/frequency of the 5a7, “plan B” events, and hopefully a draft schedule showing who will be on duty and when.
This 5a7 will also be a goodbye …

February 29 5a7 Symposium

This week Crankshaft Games will be showing off a pre-alpha version of the coop puzzle-platformer, Party of Sin. We’ll also be throwing an informal good-bye party for Saleem Dabbous to celebrate his last day as the (amazing) TAG Lab Coordinator, so BYOB!
More details below:
Party of Sin:
Become any of the Seven Deadly Sins and battle your way from Hell to
Heaven in Party of Sin. Each Sin has unique powers which are necessary
to solve puzzles and …

5a7 Symposium Update and End of Year Party

First of all, there will be NO 5a7 on November 30 due to impending deadlines, exams, and general craziness.
HOWEVER, there will be an end-of-the-year celebration on December 7th, so bring your party hats! The event will be hosted by the LudicVoice team, who will be giving a small presentation about the voice-based game they’ve been developing and showing off their latest prototype. For more information on the project, check out this website:
Where: Technoculture, Art, …

Christmas Time: Presents and Parties

The Robot Santa Claus from Futurama.
This is a follow up to Mat’s comment about purchasing some nuero-signal processing gear.
I too would like to get that, and also Avatar:the Game which offers FPS using both Wii mote and Balanceboard to simulate riding a giant mosquito.
Are there any other technologies that people think we should add to the lab?
And since it is the Holiday Season, should we organise a festive get- together? My preference is for …