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Welcome to Queer VRChat

Over the past year, I’ve spent 800+ hours in VRChat (a social virtual reality platform where VR users can meet and interact with one another) hanging out, conducting interviews, and doing participant observation with gender non-conforming people as part of my research-creation Ph.D. at Concordia University. VRChat is made up of user-driven content and offers unique insight into how queer VR enthusiasts envision the metaverse (shared virtual worlds), create gender-affirming content, and form emergent imaginative …

TAG Profiles: Rebecca Goodine

TAG Profiles is a blog series that explores the work of current TAG scholars. Rebecca Goodine is a multimedia artist and a master’s student in Concordia’s Design program.
Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing for your master’s.
Emotions and sensitivities is sort of where I’m situated with my current research — specifically, as experienced through physical game design and creative game design that is played in-person. The project that I ended up making for …

Research creation report : Making the counterfunction

This article was originally posted on my devlog accessible here.

This project is from a serie of prototype I built for a directed study with Pippin Barr. A directed study is a one on one class with a teacher, usually for graduate student, around a topic relevant to their thesis work. We worked around fast prototyping. As a pretext for creation, we wanted each prototype to be a response to an academic text.

Counterfunctional Design
Counterfunction is …