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The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall – free!

Posted by Dominic

Bethesda has done a wonderful thing for all those interested in gaming history – they just released one of their older child out into the world; set him loose on their doorstep, with a little pocket money, and told it to go out and have fun. Now you can download Daggerfall for free on their website:

I have pretty fond memories of Daggerfall from my experience back as a teenager. However, be wary that the install is pretty finicky – you have to fidget around with DOSBox, type into the command-line tongue of yore,  set your Sound Blaster, etc.  But that is the price to pay for playing old games – and for those who weren’t there at the time, it’s very enlightening on how geek you had to be to play computer games back then. I’m in the process of configuring it myself, I don’t think I’ll spend much time in it but I’m curious to see how it has aged.