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Tuesday Sept 3 Gamification 5a7 at Randolf Pub

Posted by Jen Whitson

Did you just read Skot’s post about Thursday’s 5a7 and think that Thursday was just too long to wait for a fieldtrip?  If so, you should think about coming to Randolf Pub (the boardgaming pub on St. Denis) for MOBmontreal’s event tomorrow on gamification and civic action.  I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of gamification with François Boucher-Genesse, the  cofounder of Ululab – a new edugame company here in Montreal.

If you’re really keen on the topic (or about the quantification of the self movement), you can read my new article in Surveillance and Society which uses Goffman’s theory of playful encounters to outline when and where gamification can fall apart, and where it is successful.  Hint:  I think gamified workplaces are hopelessly flawed money-pits.

Hope to see you there!