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Welcome, Kitfox Games!

Posted by Jess


A wild Kitfox has appeared!

As you might have read in the info for this week’s 5a7, TAG will soon be welcoming Kitfox Games as our Game Designers in Residence! We are ecstatic to have these talented game makers join us (whose first game, Shattered Planet, has quite a few of us TAGsters hooked – you can check it out here).

The Kitfox team are graduates of Execution Labs who care deeply about the games community in Montreal. Their members are involved with initiatives such as Pixelles, MRGS and fill many other roles in the community, including as mentors for Critical Hit. We couldn’t be more pleased to have them aboard while they work on their next initiative, Moon Hunters, which has been selected as one of the first projects for the Square Enix Collective. Their team includes Creative Director Tanya X. Short, Lead Artist Xin Ran Liu, and programmers Mike Ditchburn and Jongwoo Kim. They occasionally enlist the aid of their comrades and allies Ryan Roth (Sound Designer/Composer), Chloe Chan (Artist) and Greg Londish (Programmer).


Shattered Planet Gameplay Trailer

If you haven’t played Shattered Planet, we highly recommend it – it’s an addictive rogue-like that takes place in space and has a wicked sense of humour. We think that the personalities of its creators really shine through!

While they are with us, Kitfox will be in the Fine Arts Game Research Lab (formerly known as the Hexagram Game lab).

Come meet them this Thursday at the 5a7, and don’t be shy to approach them in the lab to say hi and hang out for a while!