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Mar 29, 2016

LEVEL UP! Construct2 and Dress-Up Dolls


Greetings, friends!

The semester may be wrapping up, but LEVEL UP sure isn’t! Take a break from your papers and treat yourself to another awesome workshop – this time we’ll be showing off how to use Construct2 with Kim Hoang!



Learn some basics of Construct2 by visual coding your own dress-up doll game!
A hands-on, beginner-friendly workshop! In two hours, learn how to:

– handle art assets in Construct2’s interface (including dealing with animation frames!),
– use basic global and instance variables to lock your drag-and-dropped clothing into place,
– implement sound and a little bit of “juice” to your interactive doll,
– add a screencapping function for your players to share their outfit coordinates!


The workshop will be taking place on Tuesday, March 29th from 6 PM – 8 PM in good ol’ EV 11.425 at Concordia University.

Participants must bring:

– Your own laptop with at least the free version of Construct2.
– Art and sound assets will be provided prior to the workshop for pre-download, however if you would like to bring your own unique art and sound, we also very much encourage that!


Unfortunately, Construct2 is a PC-only software, and we highly recommend that you borrow one for this workshop. We will be installing the free version of the program on the Atelier’s computers but availability is, of course, limited. If you have a Mac with a Windows partition it might install properly, or you can try running it in Virtual Box using these old instructions.

About the workshop leader:

Kim Hoang is a comic artist influenced by shoujo manga, with an indie comics twist. She is a member of Love Love Hill, a Canadian collective that independently publishes anthologies of short comics, art zines, and minis, all lovingly bound in handmade volumes. Her experiments in game-making include “Blush or Burn” (a competitive 2P dating sim) in Pixelles Incubator 2, and co-creating “Nicki Homaj” at Gamerella 2014. She is also the fabricator for Mouffe, a game in a tent played with a blanket controller, made as a part of the Critical Hit incubator. She co-coordinated Pixelles Incubator 3 and 4, and has spoken at various events, including Indiecade, Vector Fest, Champlain College, and Comics vs Games at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Kim is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in drawing and printmaking.