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LEVEL UP present Unity Workshop !

Level Up! workshop series continues with Marc-Antoine Jetté-Léger, who will give us an introduction to Unity. The workshop will take place on Wednesday, December 6th at TAG. Please don’t forget to register!

Unity : a 2D game from scratch

by Marc Antoine


This workshop is going to cover the fundamentals of making a 2D game in Unity, with no prior knowledge of game making or programming needed!  We will cover:

  • scene creation
  • character controllers
  • importing and using premade assets
  • object collision & interaction
  • display of game State information on the UI

By the end you’ll have a simple 2D shoot them up that you built yourself and the knowledge base to get you started creating your own games!


The workshop will be taking place on Wednesday, December 6th from 6 PM – 8 PM in the room EV 11.425 at Concordia University (NB: We may change rooms depending on the size of the group).


  • Your own laptop with Unity installed.
  • Some basics on programming.

About the workshop leaders:

Marc-Antoine Jetté-Léger is a computer science student at Concordia, minoring in Game Design. He has been programming games for three years and has had the chance to develop games in a variety of environments, from big studio projects to a handful of people getting together for game jams. He is currently juggling design and programming on a couple of personal projects and prototypes and has just released Hammurabi, a game meant to explore the theoretical notion of “characters as subjective interfaces” and procedural dialog generation.