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Feb 18, 2015

LEVEL UP! WORKSHOP: Sketchup + Unity = How to make weird stuff?!

TAG and Ko-Op mode proudly present another episode of LEVEL UP! This time we invite you to learn some sweet Unity and Sketchup tips from Critical Hit alumni Bronson Zgeb and G.P. Lackey. Please sign up here.

Sketchup + Unity: How to make weird stuff

by Bronson Zgeb and GP Lackey

Thanks to LEVEL UP!, you will go from this:
To this:

 Tentative structure of the workshop:

– Make some kind of weird level in Sketchup
– Export your weird level and import it into Unity
– Import Ben Esposito’s first person drifter controller
– Cover all the different properties of the controller
– Add some colliders to the level if necessary?
And then assuming there’s more time:

– How to make cool ambience / set the mood using lighting, particles, music, post-processing?

Bring a computer but there’d be no programming necessary.

WHEN? February 18th, 5-7pm
WHERE? TAG ATELIER – EV 11.425, Concordia University