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Jul 08, 2022

LEVEL UP with Laura Hall: Unlocking the secrets of puzzle design

Workshop Series: Level Up!

TAG is happy to announce the revival of our free workshop series: LEVEL UP! In this old-now-new series we won’t just be learning foundational skills, but we will discuss the whys and hows of game making. Dive into these events with us to bring your game creation beyond the skills!

Join us on July 8, 2022 to “Level Up” your understanding of puzzle design in game with artist, writer, puzzle-maker, immersive environment and narrative designer Laura E. Hall!

Together we’ll talk about the history and context of puzzles, ARGs, and escape rooms; learn about codes, ciphers, and different types of puzzles; explore worldbuilding and storytelling using physical objects; learn about clues, hinting, and flavor for a puzzle design; and create a rough design for an individual puzzle or set of puzzles.
Participants can create a rough draft in whatever method they like: sketching in a notebook, prototyping with paper (if so, include scissors, index cards, glue/tape, pencils/pens/etc), using a photo editing program to make a mockup, or use a moodboard website to collect images.Participants are invited to share in advance examples of favorite puzzles or solving moments from games, escape rooms, puzzle hunts, etc. for discussion.


Anyone who loves puzzles and is interested in creating their own for friends or family. Fans of escape rooms or puzzle games who wish to strengthen their solving skills by understanding how puzzles are crafted.
Requirements– stable internet– camera/microphone if desired
– computer/laptop for the purposes of closed captioning


More about Laura:

Laura E. Hall is an artist, writer, puzzle-maker, immersive environment and narrative designer living in Portland, Oregon. Hall is the author of KATAMARI DAMACY for Boss Fight Books and PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE for Simon & Schuster. She co-founded Oregon’s first escape room company and now creates exciting adventures for the curious at heart with Timberview Productions and Meridian Adventure Co. She proudly serves on the board of the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad), a non-profit organization supporting game development and indie game enthusiasts in Portland.

DATE Friday, June 8th – 1-3Pm EST
LOCATION Zoom (link will be sent after registration)