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Oct 06, 2022

Workshop: Animation in Unreal Engine

Animation in Unreal Engine

This workshop will cover character animation basics in Unreal Engine, and is aimed at beginners on the topic. A basic understanding of what rigging & skinning is is assumed but not required. Beginner-level experience with Unreal Engine is highly recommended.

In the workshop we will cover importing a provided skinned character into Unreal, some of the basics of Unreal’s control rig, how to add the character to a level sequencer and play animation on it. We will take the Unreal default third person project and replace the mannequin within it with our new character. We will briefly cover what animation state-flow and runtime animation systems are on a theoretical level. The exercise should serve as a good primer for beginners to research animation topics more in depth on their own.

To express interest in the workshop or ask any questions, please reach out to workshop organizer Leo Morales ( or TAG coordinator Kalervo Sinervo (

About the Instructor

Sascha Kavanagh-Sommerer is a technical animator working in the Games and VFX industry. He has worked as a developer in the animation department on a range of AAA games at Electronic Arts including Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Star Wars: Squadrons, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and Dead Space Remake. More recently Sascha has been at Method/Company 3 working with game engines to produce linear media content. He loves movies, science fiction, fantasy, food and running.


What: Animation in Unreal Engine Workshop

Who: Technical animator Sascha Kavanagh-Sommerer

When: Thursday, October 6, 3pm-6pm

Where: Milieux Resource Centre, EV11.705

Contact: Workshop organizer Leo Morales ( or TAG coordinator Kalervo Sinervo (