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CHI sessions on Monday May 9th

Posted by Stephanie Bouchard

Monday was quiet an impressive day!
All the talks I picked were totally incredible.
The first session was about everyone’s favorite topic

Sex & Bodies

Here’s a list of the paper presented in this session:
”Pleasure is your birthright”
Jeffrey Bardzell & Shaowen Bardzell

”Designing a Phone Broadcasting System for Urban Sex Workers in India”
Nithya Sambasivan, Julie Weber, Edward Cutrel

”Bodily Orientation around mobile: Lessons learnt in Vanuatu”
Pedro Ferreira, Kristina Höök

Probably one of my favorite talk of the week! Not only was it really educative, but it was also extremely positive to ear people talking without shame of a topic which is sometime a little marginalized. The talk was about toys, design and enhancing the user experience. It was also about safety and dealing with stigmatized population. It was also about rethinking technology for people outside of the urban centers. It was really refreshing so see how those people are talking about the HCI third wave.


”Remote Touch: Touch-Sreen-like Interaction in the TV Viewing Environment”
Sangwon Choi

”Experimental Analysis of the Touch-Screen Gesture Designs in Mobile Environment”
Andrew Bragdon

”Usable Gesture for Blind People: Understanding Preference and Performance”
Shaun Kane

”Natural Activation for Gesture Recognition Systems”
Mathieu Hopman

Gestures, Body & touch

”Your Noise is my Command: Sensing Gesture Using the Body as an Antenna”
Gabe Cohn

”Sensor Synaesthesia: Touch in Motion, Motion in Touch”
Ken Hinckley

”Data Miming: inferring Spatial Objets Descriptions from Human Gesture”
Christian Holz

”Understanding Naturalness and Intuitiveness in Gesture Production: Insights for Touchless Gestural Interfaces”
Sukeshini Grandhi

”The impact of Musculoskeletal system during Mulitouch tablet interaction”
Cecil Lozano