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CHI sessions on Tuesday May 10th

Posted by Stephanie Bouchard

Expressions & Perceptions

”Using Fast Interaction to Create Intense Experience”
Joe Marshall

”A VJ Centered Exploration of Expressive Interaction”
Jonathan Hook

”Placing Values on Aesthetic in Online CAsual Games”
Erik Andersen

”Kinetic Tiles”
Hyunjung Kim

”SandCanvas: A Multi-Touch Art Medium Inspired by Sand Animation”
Rubaiat Habib Kazi

Flexible Grips & Gestures

”Evaluating Effect of the Structural Holds on Pointing and Dragging Performance with Flexible Display”
Rob Dijkstra

”PaperPhone: Understanding the Use of Bend Gestures in Mobile Devices with Flexible Electronic Paper Display”
Byron Lahey

”Pinstripe: Eye-free continous Input on Interactive Clothing”
Thorsten Karrer

”Grips and Gesture on a Multi-Touch Pen”
Hyunyoung Song


”Rocks & Rails Extending Multi-Touch Interactions with Shape Gestures to Enable Precise Spacial Manipulations”
Daniel Widgor

”FingerGlass: Efficient Multiscale Interaction on Multi-Touch Screens”
Domink Käsen

”An Interactive Multi-Touch Sketching Interface for Diffusion Curves”
Qian Sun