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Documentary on Women in Gaming

Posted by Carolyn

While at Different Games I was approached by Shannon Sun-Higginson, who asked me to do an interview for her film project GTFO. The film is focused on exposing the harassment faced by women in videogames and is targeted at a non-gaming audience. Here’s a little sample of the description from the Kickstarter page.


“I am just a casual gamer, so I was shocked about a year ago when a friend told me about the abuse that many female gamers and other industry figures endure on a daily basis. I immediately began researching and filming this documentary, titled ‘GTFO’ in reference to the exclusionary response that many women encounter while gaming. Of course not all gamers are trolls or abusers – many are kind, supportive, and equally disgusted by this type of behavior. But the fact remains that this is a real problem, and it’s time that the non-gaming public know about it.”

Shannon has only 9 days left to raise another $4500 on Kickstarter. I think it’s super important that this film gets made. Please help out by donating and/or sharing this link: