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Hello, My Name is Pippin

Posted by Pippin

Hi there! I realised I should really write a quick introductory post having now been at TAG for a week.

So, I’m Pippin. I’m the “Game Designer in Residence” for the next two months. I’m teaching a course, CART498I “Curious Games Studio”, in which students are making their own game individually to experiment with alternative approaches to thoughtful and curious game design.

Other than that I’m making games of course. I’m currently working on an iOS game, using Objective-C with Kobold2d as a library. It’s a serious learning experience as I’ve not touched this kind of development before. Lots of fun though. Normally I make things in ActionScript 3 (particularly with the Flixel library), GameMaker, Processing, or Inform 7.

And of course I’m around to meet up and talk about… anything. I sit in the TAG lab at the desk opposite Jane’s. My aim is to be there every afternoon of the week, and some mornings. (Other than teaching Monday and Wednesday afternoons.) If you want to meet up or hang out then please stop by or hit me with an email (

If you’ve quite reasonably never heard of me, you can probably get to know me pretty well through my games, which are here:

Cheers! I look forward to meeting everyone!