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Jan 19, 2017

5a7: Game Weavings

TAG is starting the new year with introducing some amazing new creations!
Artists Geneviève Moisan and WhiteFeather are lending two game themed art pieces to the TAG walls.

WhiteFeather’s Space Invaders  and Geneviève Moisan’s Angry Birds will be introduced next Thursday at 5pm in TAG. 

Please come by and join us for a casual chat with the artists.

Angry Birds (detail, 2012) by Geneviève Moisan

Space Invaders (detail, 2003) by WhiteFeather

Space Invaders is a blanket-sized rendering of a game screen, mid-game, in damask. Damask is a traditional Scandinavian weave structure with a double-heddle system that allows for blocks of threads to be lifted on the loom together to create patterns, in combination with the background weave structure. It is related to, but different from, computerized Jacquard weaving. The designing was done completely by hand on graph paper, and bears a resemblance to 8-bit aesthetic and vintage game screen patterning.

WhiteFeather is a Canadian artist/researcher, educator and writer currently based in Montreal.
WhiteFeather has been professionally engaged in a craft-based bio art practice for over 15 years, via material investigations of the aesthetic and technological potential of bodily matter. Her work has ranged widely, including: textile constructions of human hair; rogue taxidermy with found flesh and bone; digital representations of the body absent in the digital world; and, mammalian tissue engineering on textile scaffolds. She also hacks/builds electronics, uses web-based platforms, and approaches performance as embodied research in both the laboratory and the landscape. WhiteFeather is a multiple-award winning scholar and arts grant recipient, holding an MFA in Fibres and Material Practices from Concordia University. She has presented her work internationally in exhibitions, artist talks, conferences and residencies. WhiteFeather currently works as lab technician and coordinator for the Speculative Life Lab, and as coordinator for the Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster, both situated within the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University.

Geneviève Moisan completed an MFA in Fibres at Concordia University in Montréal. She is a Jacquard weaver and textile artist. At the moment, she is a research assistant to Barbara Layne at Studio subTela, where she works with smart textiles as well as being the technical and educational support person for the Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster at the Milieux Institute at Concordia University. In 2016, she received a grant to work on developing flexible laid antennas for video communication, a project that is ongoing. She has exhibited her work in Montreal, Toronto, Venice, Paris, and Oaxaca, Mexico. 

WHEN? January 19th 5-7pm
WHERE? TAG Lab (Concordia, EV11.435)
WHAT?Celebrating Art