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Apr 19, 2018

5a7 – Global Pedagogies and Politics: Teaching in the West and the East

Join us on April 19th to welcome back Lingnan University professor and recent TAG alumna Lai-Tze Fan.

During this 5a7  talk Lai-Tze Fan describes her experience teaching abroad in Hong Kong, which has since 1997 dealt with moving on from being a British colony, and which is 30 years away from completely integrating with the Chinese government in 2047. This talk reflects upon the experience of teaching students who are caught amidst institutional, political, and local-regional tensions–and the implications on the ways they think, learn, and participate. Issues that will be discussed include:

  • English and Mandarin Chinese as primary languages of instruction in a Cantonese-speaking region
  • the implications and effects on teaching after the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution (an Occupy movement)
  • tensions between federal pressures to “internationalize” education and the cultural desires to establish local and diasporic identities

Conversation will follow to encourage attending faculty and students to describe pedagogical experiences and practice in international contexts–whether teaching abroad or teaching international students in Canada. How does translation fail? What happens when cultural references are lost? How do Canadian or North American trained educators acclimatize to students’ lifetime of training in other pedagogical modes and methods?

WHEN? April 19th, Thursday 5-7pm
WHERE? TAG Lab (1515 Ste Catherine W., Concordia University, EV11.435)
WHO? this event is public