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Mar 02, 2017

5a7 – Motion Capture & Movement Theory

TAG is proud to invite you for the next edition of 5 a 7, discussing motion capture & movement theory.

Jérémy Meunier will introduce people to movement theory, explore the difference between the pose to pose animation (keyframing) and the capture of the dynamics of a movement, and explain how the dynamics can be more important and relevant than the poses that produce the movement. At last, he will discuss what to focus on when using motion capture, especially on an art project.

☆ You are cordially invited to come and mingle. ☆

More about Jérémy: He has mastered the concepts and laws of bio-mechanics, and when combined with his extensive technical knowledge, you get one of the industry’s leading motion capture experts. His supervisory work on top projects like Heavy Rain, Dishonored and Life is Strange has earned him the recognition of his peers. In France he also worked as a consultant to the sports and biomechanics departments of several universities (Compiègne, Rennes, Strasbourg) and teacher in famous French 3D animation schools (ESRA, Gobelins, CIFACOM).

In his constant quest for new and better ways of capturing performances, Jérémy has made some impressive breakthroughs in R&D. Due to his in-depth understanding of motion capture software and his dynamic approach he is able to explore new possibilities and find unique applications. Under his direction, his mocap team possess all the tools and knowledge they need to understand production issues and find effective solutions tailored to clients’ evolving needs.

Please bring snacks & drinks and invite your colleagues to TAG along (!).

WHEN? Thursday, March 2nd, 5-7pm
WHERE? TAG Lab (Concordia, EV 11.435, 1515 Ste. Catherine W.)
WHO? Everyone is welcomed!
WHAT? Cutting edge new media research