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Sep 15, 2014 - Sep 19, 2014

Alt CTRL Online Game Jam

You have your team! You have your idea!
And we have help for you… from Monday the 15 to Friday the 19th September, for a few hours each day you can use TAG’s space and facilities to help your chances in an international competition to build the weirdest, the wackiest, the most amazing video-game controllers by taking part in the AltCtrl international video game controller jam.

AltCTRL is about being creative with the controls of your game. The aim of the jam is to try do experiment away from these standard boundaries. So take out the duct tape, soldering iron, some spare parts, a development board (like the arduino), old controller shells you have laying around, and make the ultimate control for your game.
Experiment and have fun! TAG is joining the real world game jam gatherings with an alternate slow-jam style space/tool support between 15-19 September 2014. Submissions will be open until 22 September, 23:59 on, so everyone has a chance to finish their game. Just submit your game(s) and controllers and a video explaining and demonstrating the controller within the deadline to, and you’re in.

Hack, kludge and glitch your way to Alt Controller Bliss and mayhem.
If you get intouch with TAG now, we will try to find you a mentor for some of technical challenges your controller requires (Arduino programming, 3-d printing and so on)
Everyone’s game and controller will be rated by other participants in the game jam. You must vote on other people’s creations for your own submission to go up on the voting list. For best results you should rate and comment on at least 15 submissions.
AltCtrl jam Has AWARDS For The Best Games + Controllers!
  • #1 place – You get a MakeyMakey kit, a copy of UNIDUINO PRO and a one year subscription of Unity!
  • #2 place – You get a MakeyMakey kit and a free copy of UNIDUINO PRO!
  • #3 place – Win a free copy of UNIDUINO PRO plugin for Unity!

receive support or mentoring
please contact the TAG coordinator for more details: