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Sep 26, 2014 - Sep 28, 2014

BoobJam 2014

The mLab invites you to kick off this school year with a game jam all about breasts!

Boobjam is a jam idea originating from one of Jenn Frank’s tweets in 2013. It is a jam to share experience and stories about breasts, to “approach the topic of boobs from any angle except as a plaything for straight cis guys. (Which isn’t to say they can’t be, but let’s investigate other meaning or perspectives!)” Boobjam will be an opportunity to make games, but it will also be an opportunity to meet people, share experiences and learn.

Boobjam will take place from September September 29th across two locations. To participate please be sure you are able to attend the first evening, as we will start the event with a talk about how to maintain safe spaces while having frank conversations about sex, bodies and other sensitive topics that may arise while making games about breasts. There also will be mentors wandering throughout the jam over the course of the weekend to help you with your game making process. Also, we will be providing snacks and the use of our microwave, but you will be responsible for your own meals.

Sign up online:
Order tickets via Eventbrite:

Here is our schedule:

Friday, September 26th.
In the TAG lab EV building 11th floor room 655

5:00pm-6:00pm: Introduction to Boobjam and discussion about how to sensitively address topics that may arise throughout the weekend.
6:00pm-7:00pm: Introduce yourself to other participants, throw out some tentative ideas and form groups (all while having snacks!)
7:00pm-9:00pm: An introductory workship to Twine and/or Gamemaker for those who may be making their first game.
9:30pm: Home for the night to sleep on your ideas

Saturday, September 27th.
In the mLab, FB Building room 501 (above the Crepe restaurant on Guy street)

9:00am: Let the game making begin! The lab opens for groups to work. Saturday is a full free work day. The lab will be open all night for jamming. We are also going to be visited by Cailleah Scott-Grimes of the documentary She Got Game this day. She would love to opportunity to talk some jam participants if you want to participate. Mentors will wander in and out at will to help you if you need it.

Sunday, September 28th.
mLab continued

5:00pm: Time to stop all the hard working and have fun playing everyones games! Invite your friends, family and acquaintances to play something you have made.
8:00pm: Time to say goodbye to the mLab and head home after having created something wonderful.


Who can participate?

You could be anybody! Maybe you are a person who has a complicated relationship with her own boobs. Maybe you love having boobs; maybe you wish you didn’t have boobs at all. Maybe you don’t have boobs anymore. Maybe you have boobs for the first time! Maybe you are a kid who is terrified of having boobs. Maybe you are someone who can’t find a bra that fits. Maybe your back and body hurt. Maybe your boobs are literally trying to kill you. Maybe you had a reduction or implants or reconstructive surgery (or didn’t)! Maybe you are trans* or genderqueer and concealing your boobs. Or maybe you never think about boobs at all and, for you, boobs get to be this weird foreign thing.

What if I’m not any of those people?
You sound suspiciously like a straight cis dude. You get your own subsection! It’s possible you are a dad who has learned about bra-shopping with his kid, or maybe you are a husband, signifigant other or son who watched a loved one experience a medical scare. You, too, can be a boob ally.

Questions speicifc to our jam:

Do I need to know how to program/have experience making games?
Not at all! On the first night we will have a quick workshop to give you an introduction to Gamemaker and Twine, both great resources for first time game makers. In addition, there will be basic craft supplies if you would prefer to make a board or card game.

What should I bring with me particiapte?
We encourage you to bring your laptop. We have a few PCs available as resources if you are in need of them, but not many so please only request one if it is absolutely needed. Our lab also has other equipment so if you need anything, feel free to contact us to see if we can accomodate you. We will for sure have a few makeymakey kits. If you are planning to make a non-digital game or have a specific idea for how you want to use the makeymakey bring anything you think you may help your creative process. We will provide basic things– paper, glue, office supplies, markers and maybe even playdough but anything else if up to you.

Anything else I should know?
We will have a documentary filmmaker visitng us in hope of taking general footage of the jam and a photographer on site. If you have any concerns about us using images of you and your game from this jam on our website, let us know.

For any questions, concerns or equipment requests, contact: