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Mar 04, 2015 - Mar 06, 2015


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Arcade 11 is back! For 3 days, TAG is hosting an arcade of experimental games for public enjoyment. Come to the 11th floor of the Engineering and Visual Arts complex and explore the frontiers of game design. Meet game developers, internet streamers, and game scholars, while playing strange and exciting games.



More info:

WHEN? 11am-5pm @ March 4, 5 & 6
WHERE? 11th floor EV buidling, 1515 St-Catherine St. W / Metro Guy-Concordia



In Ultimate Chicken Versus Horse, you have to masterfully build each game level to stump your foes and ensure your path to success. You and your friends take turns placing items from our huge inventory of blocks, projectiles, traps and contraptions before running through the level. If you can make it to the finish but your friends can’t, you get a point! The cycle repeats as you add and modify the level before trying to run through it again.


(Brace Yourself Games, 2015)

Use the dance pad to guide Cadence through a perilous dungeon filled with traps, magic, and monsters! Be careful, though – a Necrodancer has cast a curse on Cadence, rendering her unable to move except in time with the music playing throughout the underground lair!


Minecraft is a game about breaking (mining) and placing (crafting) blocks. At first, people build structures to protect themselves against monsters, but as the player’s mastery over the game grows, so does the possibility to create something grand and lasting. By default the game presents its players with an infinite world holding infinite resources. In Arcade 11’s specially hacked version: MindCraft, visitors have to survive on a tiny island and pass their resources from one generation to the next. What will they leave for the future players? Desolate, barren landscapes or flourishing, sustainable civilizations? Beside playing, visitors are be able to see the evolution of this ephemeral virtual world speeded up in a special video time-lapse.

Game by Mojang
Installation by Gina Haraszti and Pierson Browne
Minecraft Mod curator: Joachim Despland


(Critical Hit 2014: Hamish Lambert, Ana Tavera Mendoza, Josh Raab, Ben Swinden, 2014)

What’s going on here? Are the walls alive? Why is everything moving all the time? Who knows! In Shimmy, try to guide your character to the ‘goal’ as best you can by using your ability to jump, control time, exploit the weird physics engine!



It is a home-grown, hand-crafted beauty of an arcade cabinet. Featuring exclusives from the Montreal indie game dev community — as well as a special guest or two — the arcade is a fusion of old-school aesthetics and exciting new gameplay.


(KO-OP Mode)

Spacedog is an exhibition only Oculus Rift game where you use an odd controller that replaces joysticks and buttons with knobs and pads. Try to save your truck (and your adorable canine passenger) from interstellar destruction by responding to a myriad of absurd minigames!


The Room with the Singing Curtains: a playful interactive installation of animation and sounds. Make the room sing, along with explosive shapes and fun rhythms, just by gently touching the conductive thread strips on the curtains! Each curtain strip is set up like a key on a keyboard, and with it you can play a collaborative tune with all of your friends and family.

Game: “Patatap” by Jono Brandel and Lullatone,
Installation: Kim Hoang and Ida Marie Toft, technical assistance thanks to Marc Beaulieu.


(Gersande La Flèche, Jessica Blanchet, Li Milin, Marysa Antonakakis)

Eat Long and Prosper: A game built in 48 hours during the Pre-Critical Hit 2015 game jam February 28th 2015-March 1st 2015 using a Makey Makey and a custom Vulcan ear and hand controller. The controller is made out of crochet and conductive wire attached to Makey Makey. The game is coded artisanally in Processing, and the graphics were painterfully mastered in Photoshop. Eat Long and Prosper is dedicated to Leonard Nimoy.


(room 11.425)
Open all day!

Come and make awesome pin buttons, 3D print your own dice and learn about circuits and electronics with a pop-up, light-up Pacman card directed workshop!


Thursday – 11am-1pm
Friday – 3-5pm

A master’s student in Concordia University’s Media Studies program, Rainforest Scully-Blaker will be speedrunning – the practice of completing a game as quickly as possible without the use of cheats. He has been studying this practice and the international online community that has grown around it extensively and has published work on speedrunning in the peer-reviewed academic journal, Game Studies. For Arcade 11, Rainforest will be playing a series of games and showcasing his own ability to complete them as quickly as possible.


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 1-3pm

Studying out of the Planning department at Concordia, Zach Soares is one of the world’s few voxel artists. These three dimensional polygons offer a slew of alternate modes of videogame development because they behave so differently from pixels. Zach has a large following on his channel and will be live streaming from off-site, demonstrating his techniques.