Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) is an interdisciplinary centre for research/ creation in game studies and design, digital culture and interactive art


Mar 02, 2016 - Mar 04, 2016


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Arcade 11 is back! For 3 days, TAG is hosting an arcade of indie and experimental games for public enjoyment. Come to the 11th floor of the Engineering and Visual Arts complex of Concordia University and explore the frontiers of game design. Meet game developers, internet streamers, and game scholars, while playing strange and exciting games.



More info and list of games are coming soon!

WHEN? 11am-5pm @ March 2, 3 & 4
WHERE? 11th floor EV buidling, 1515 St-Catherine St. W / Metro Guy-Concordia



House House
Australia, unreleased

Compete to maintain possession of a ball in a bizarre alternate reality sporting event. In teams of two, players control either end of a flexible, length-changing, two-headed worm-person and collaborate to use its body to move a ball into their half of the court. Equal parts ridiculous slapstick and sophisticated tactics, Push Me Pull You has to be played to be believed!



Steel Crate Games
Canada, 2015

The timer is counting down and you need to defuse a bomb before it’s too late! The problem is, only one person can see and interact with the bomb in virtual reality, everyone else needs to ask the bomb diffuser about what they can see, scour the rather unhelpfully-written bomb instruction manual, and tell them what to do. There’s no time to waste! 3:54… 3:53… 3:52… 3:51….



Even Greenwood and Jason Sutherland
South Africa, 2015

It’s cricket! Sort of! Whether you’re a fan of the sport or know literally nothing about it will not change your enjoyment of this ridiculous and joyous two player experience of throwing balls, hitting them, missing them, flying off into the air, suddenly holding an umbrella, growing, shrinking, and more! What Criquette lacks in realism it makes up for with the spirit of the game!



Deep Dark Hole
USA, 2015

Gather around a standard computer keyboard and take your place by claiming any one of its keys as your own. It’s the more the merrier in an overcrowded battle of reflexes to keep your key alive. On screen, a line passes over a circle of keyboard letters, numbers, and symbols. Press your key when the line is over it and the line continues, press it twice and the line reverses course, just don’t miss. It’s that simple, but it’s not that easy!



Richard Boeser and Tomasz Kaye
The Netherlands, unreleased

Three to eight players can race each other in this ultra-minimalistic environment. Guide your circular marker across different coloured terrains, learning and planning for the effects of each. Pick up special abilities as you go and use them at just the right time to gain an advantage. Above all else, make sure you’re the first person to get from the left side to the goal on the right! Ready… set… Chalo Chalo!



Thomas Gautier and Jérémie Gautier
Canada, 2015

You may have played Pong before, but you’ve never played it like this. The game is the same: guide your paddle up and down the screen to bounce the ball and make your opponent miss. It’s just that you’re doing it with a partner on a seesaw – when one of you goes up, the paddle goes up, when the other goes up, the paddle goes down. You’ll work it out!



David Kanaga and Fernando Ramallo
(with Matt Divito, George Buckenham, Jukio Kallio, Richard Flanagan, Baiyon, Doseone)
USA/Argentina/UK/Finland/Canada/Japan, 2015

Welcome to an audio-visual experience like no other. Turn dials and move sliders to change Panoramical’s beautiful procedurally generated worlds and sounds. Make mountains emerge from the sea, grow a twinkling forest, shape a disco cliff-face, curate a strange city, and so much more. There’s no winning or losing in this game, only playing, exploring, watching, and listening.



Sos Soskowski
Poland, 2014

Normally dance-pads are for dancing, but this time they’re for everything! Stomp on the arrows to do anything from racing a bicycle to crushing grapes to stepping on a cigarette, all to a catchy and upbeat tempo. In easy mode it’s as simple as jumping on arrows as fast as you can, but if you think you’re a pro, maybe you should tackle hard mode for a real challenge!




The Arcade Royale is a custom-built arcade cabinet that showcases games created by Montreal independent developers and guests from around the world. Inspired by similar projects in Toronto and Winnipeg, the project was started in 2011 by the Mount Royal Game Society. Since then, the Arcade has been present at a number of festivals and events in and around Montréal, including The Prince of Arcade, Montréal Joue, Arcade 11, and Nuit Blanche.


(room 11.425)
Open all day!

Come in and learn about electronics! We’ll be making a Pacman card that lights up! You can also take a look at how 3D printers work while our Makerbot prints small goodies and make your own buttons with our button-making machine!

Electronics workshops will be taught twice a day at 11h and 14h. Plan around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Please sign up on the sheet by the craft room entrance. This workshop is kids (5 years and up) and parents friendly!