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Feb 29, 2016

LEVEL UP! Workshop – Experimental Art in Unity with Paloma Dawkins!

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Hello, all!

The Level Up workshop series is comin’ atcha once again!

Back by popular demand we have more Unity, brought to us this time by TAG’s distinguished artist-in-residence for the month, Paloma Dawkins:

Learn how to create experimental art, trippy visuals, and surreal landscapes in Unity! We will be exploring Unity as a tool where happy mistakes can happen, allowing artists to be more intuitively connected with the medium rather than following a prescribed set of instructions on how to make a particular type of game. Videogames are expanding as an art form and method of creative expression, and participants are encouraged to add their own unique voice to the process! Examples of what will be produced can be found here or here.

In the spirit of trippiness and happy mistakes, the workshop will be held on Monday, February 29th, the day that comes but 0.25 times a year, at TAP in Concordia University’s EV Building, room 11.425 from 6-8PM!

Please note:

Some basic familiarity with the Unity interface, C# syntax, and importing images/3D models into Unity is highly recommended. You don’t have to be a coding master, but you should have a working knowledge of concepts such as if/else statements, loops, and Booleans to get the most out of this workshop (some of which you were introduced to in our last workshop!).

It is also recommended that participants watch these Unity tutorials on 2D and scripting beforehand:

So study up, because this workshop is not to be missed!

Participants Must Bring:

  • A laptop with Unity 5.1 installed
  • Some .png images or .fbx models you’d like to play around with, geometric images are best
  • Optional: FRAPS, an application that will allow participants to record their experiments as videos

About the Workshop Leader:

Paloma Dawkins is a Montreal-based artist and animator. Her second game, Gardenarium, for which she collaborated with experimental games collective KO-OP Mode, was featured at Fantastic Arcade, Mild Rumpus at GDC, and most recently the EMP museum in Seattle. She has also done work for the National Film Board of Canada, Epic Meal Time, Paul Galvin, Booya Videos, Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap.


What: Experimental Unity Workshop

When: Monday, February 29th from 6-8 PM

Where: Concordia University’s EV Building, Room 11.425