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Jun 28, 2021

Character Design Workshop 🎮

Character Design

With Ying Ding

This workshop will showcase the character design process and the tools to achieve it in an efficient way. Any level is welcome! You will learn about shape languages, silhouette explorations and color. Feel free to bring your drawing tools, as we will do a sketch demo during the 2 hour workshop.

This event will have open captions available.


WHAT? workshop
WHEN? Monday, June 28th, 6:00pm
WHERE? For online link, please register here!
WHO? Everyone is welcome!

This workshop is organized as part of the 2021 GAMERella Global (July 9-11), a free online game jam which aims to empower women, gnc folks, PoC, queer people, and those otherwise marginalized through game making. Come join us for a weekend of games, creativity, and fun!!
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