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Jun 18, 2021

Game Soundtrack Workshop 🎵

What Makes a Compelling Soundtrack?:
Storytelling through Music

With Emily Cheng (GISULA)

This workshop will be most useful for composers and musicians, but will also be informative for writers, developers, and anyone with an interest in learning about storytelling through music. All experience levels welcome!

Ever play a game and wonder how the music enhances the story so much? Or watch a movie and find yourself emotional upon hearing a tune, but not knowing why? People often say that music is 50% of the game or film experience, which means it’s important to connect it to your story. In the first half of this workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of how parts of a soundtrack come together (e.g. writing character themes, choosing instruments, tone, conveying emotion, etc) and analyze pieces of notable soundtracks and how they influence and are influenced by the storyline. In the second half, we will come up with a short storyline as a group and simulate how to compose a soundtrack for it.

Instructor bio:

Emily Cheng (GISULA) is a Taiwanese-American composer, music producer, and pianist based in NY. Originally an award-winning classically-trained pianist and former hip hop producer, she now primarily composes for games, film, and other media. Her music often blends diverse styles and unconventionally-paired instruments (she calls it “fantasy fusion”). Previously, she also taught piano lessons for 7 years, and she’s excited to be speaking at GAMERella.

This event will have open captions available.


WHAT? workshop
WHEN? Friday June 18th, 6:00pm
WHERE? For online link, please register here!
WHO? Everyone is welcome!

This workshop is organized as part of the 2021 GAMERella Global (July 9-11), a free online game jam which aims to empower women, gnc folks, PoC, queer people, and those otherwise marginalized through game making. Come join us for a weekend of games, creativity, and fun!!
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