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Feb 11, 2023 - Feb 12, 2023

GameBling Game Jam 2.0

The GameBling Game Jam is back for a second edition and it’s all about luck this time!

The outcome of some gambling games relies on pure probability (i.e., slot machines, lotteries), while others involve a bit of skill (e.g., poker, mahjong). But for many gamblers, the odds of winning are also up to luck.

Luck is the magic that takes gambling from a question of probabilities to the perception of something that can be controlled. Perceived this way, luck can be influenced through ritualistic behaviors (think of superstitions like touching a ‘lucky’ four-leaf clover).

Luck is an intangible force, but also something that is perceived to be inherent in people, objects, and practices. Given these qualities, how do game designers play with luck?

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This event is presented with the support of JREN, TAG, HERMES, the research chair on gambling, and Concordia University.