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Feb 04, 2023

LOST/AGAIN: A Symposium on Digital Nostalgia

Nostalgia reminds us of a past that was and could have been (Boym 2001). In a place of lost possibilities, of those we’ve lost touch, and memories of losses…What do we also lose or throw away in the present in order to be nostalgic?

LOSTAGAIN is a hybrid gathering of scholars and artists thinking about the tools we use today to access the nostalgia of our past that asks, “What if we could use these tools of forgetting the losses of a past to help us remember how to prevent more of them in the future?” Created by TAG student Richy Srirachanikorn, the crux of this symposium is to investigate how productivity can be achieved with the possibilities of video games.
Specifically, how can the emotions and emulations of a lost PAST in video games be used to prevent a FUTURE of
repeating losses? If nostalgic gaming means we are “LostAgain” in our technologies, then how can we ensure what
is “Found” on the other end of the experience may contribute to social kindness, collective responsibility, or simply, hope? Check out their website for more info and registration!
WHAT? Digital Nostalgia Symposium
WHEN? February 4, 2023
WHERE? In-person at the Milieux Institute + livestreamed on YouTube
WHO? Register here!