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Dec 06, 2021

GameBling BreakDown – A Planning Workshop!

Join us virtually (on Zoom) on Monday, December 6, 2021, 2-4pm EDT, for the GameBling BreakDown!

We’re gathering TAGsters and a few others in order to collectively think about a free-to-play gambling game. We’ll play the game itself, critically reflect on and break down its design, and take a shallow dive into its ontology. In the end we’ll plan a couple of Winter Term Workshops designed to dig further into the design innovations and implications of GameBling with an eye toward repurposing, remixing, and remaking what we find.

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Everyone Welcome! Although this event will be primarily in English, French-language participation is more than welcome, and we will have people on hand who can translate back-and-forth.

Proposed Agenda
2:00-2:05 Welcome

Territorial Acknowledgement and Intro (Bart Simon & Martin French)

2:05-2:15 Tour-de-table Please state your name

  • Please state your pronouns if you care to disclose them
  • Please tell us where you’re calling in from – place and (if applicable) program
  • List one ‘casual game’ that you’ve played (or want to play)!

2:15-2:50 Slotomania Demo and Critical Discussion (Led by Alexander Ross & Martin French)

  • Streaming the Slotomania Game
  • Critical Discussion

–10 MINUTE Standing Up BREAK–

3:00-3:20 Looking at Slotomania and Slot Machine YouTube Videos (Led by Pauline Hoebanx & Martin French)

  • Breaking Down the Ontology of the Gambling Game
  • Critical Discussion

3:20-4:00 Planning for Next Semester (Led by Pippin Barr & Martin French)
Design Considerations for GameBling
Some Making Options to Discuss

  1. Everyone learns to code their own game
  2. Build teams of complimentary expertise, which each build a game
  3. Design in theory without worrying about producing an end product

Planning Next Term’s Events

Interlocutors: Alex Custodio, Lyne Dwyer, Gina Hara, Owen Hellum, Idun Isdrake, and Eva Monson.

French-language Translation

GameBling BreakDown – Un atelier de planification !

Rejoignez-nous virtuellement (sur Zoom) le lundi 6 décembre 2021, de 14 à 16 heures HAE, pour le GameBling BreakDown !

Nous réunissons les TAGsters et quelques autres personnes afin de réfléchir collectivement au sujet d’un jeu d’argent gratuit. Ensemble, nous allons jouer au jeu lui-même, réfléchir de manière critique et décomposer son design, et plonger superficiellement dans son ontologie. La dernière partie de l’évènement sera consacrée à la planification de quelques ateliers pour la session d’hiver visant à approfondir les innovations conceptuelles et les implications de GameBling dans le but de réutiliser, remixer et refaire ce que nous découvrirons.

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Tous.tes sont les ! Bien que cet événement se déroulera principalement en anglais, les participant.e.s francophones sont les et il y aura des personnes présentes qui pourront traduire dans les deux langues.