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Nov 08, 2014 - Nov 09, 2014

GAMERella 2014

Mark November 8-9th in your calendars, because TAG’s GAMERella is happening again this year! Just like last year, GAMERella is inviting self-identified women and gender non conforming game makers, as well as anyone who feels they haven’t had a chance to make a (video or board) game in a city ruled by industry giants. TAG welcomes everyone, not just women, to join them in November and change the scene of indie game-making. This year New York based Code Liberation is joining us with a remote location at NYU Game Center. In addition to Montreal and New York you can also join us online on our Twitch channel.

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Why a Girl Game Jam?

Although the number of women game developers is growing, we haven’t yet reached an equal proportion to that of men. It seems many are still intimidated by the atmosphere and have a hard time going to events like jams, where people gather for a short period of time to make small, innovative games. GAMERella was conceived to prove that game jams are the safest, most exciting environments in which to create games for the first time. Everyone experiments, learning and sharing skills with others. It is a place to improve a craft, try out risky and unconventional game design ideas, meet other developers, and above all, have fun. GAMERella offers the opportunity to meet more women and gender-non conforming people (as well as men who support women) interested in game development. The organizers wish not only to encourage more women and first-time game jammers to join in on the excitement, but also to celebrate the representation of women in the videogame community.
For those unsure of what skills they might contribute, three workshops involving the use of free or almost-free software will be held at Concordia University in preparation for the event.

Besides making an awesome game, participating in GAMERella will allow you to gain valuable experience and meet industry professionals.


This year’s theme is “Boss Up” – a fitting theme to commend the rise of women in the industry.


It’s official: the jam will  fantastic keynote speaker will be Kara Stone. She is a feminist game-maker whose art focuses on gendered perspectives of affect and emotion – but is much more fun than it sounds.



The organizers of  GAMERella wish to help any doubtful participants discover their hidden game-making talents. As a result, TAG has created three workshops involving the use of free or almost-free software, to be held at Concordia University in preparation for the event. The material in these workshops cover game design, audio and visual art.

Dates and more info on the workshops:

When is the JAM?

November 8th – 9th
Begins at 10am Saturday, ends at 7pm Sunday


tag logo (onwhite)MONTREAL:
Concordia University, Engineering and Visual Arts Building
1515 Ste Catherine St. W.,
EV 11.725 Lounge


code liberationNot in Montreal? Worry not!
NEW YORK based Code Liberation will be hosting GAMERella at NYU Game Center. Code Liberation offers free development workshops and events in order to facilitate the creation of indie game titles by women.
To sign up to the NYC location and for more info please click here. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide equipment for jammers to use at the event, so please be sure to bring your own computers or game making tools.




Saturday November 8th

10h: Check-in and socializing
10h30: Opening remarks
11h30: Group formation
12h: Work begins!
22h: GAMERella closes for the night. Get some rest or continue working from home, it’s up to you! (But we recommend you get some shut-eye!)Sunday November 9th

10h-15h: Work, work, work!
15h: Last-minute debugging, update, commit.
16h: Deadline. Give yourselves a pat on the back! Friends and fans arrive.
16h-17h: Playtest and celebrate!


Unlimited coffee, tea!
Power and internet access
3D printer for those board game makers
Chairs and desks (more important than you would think)
Mentors from the gaming industry for informed feedback
Pre-jam workshops

GAMERella is affiliated with the Critical Hit Collaboratory. Anyone interested in applying for the 2014 Critical Hit Collaboratory is strongly encouraged to participate in TAG Game Jams like GAMERella.

Sign up here until November 7th:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to sign up with a team or can I come alone?
You can sign up with a team already formed, but you can also come solo and join a team while you’re here. We’ll have a team building session for anyone who hasn’t yet found a team. We also ask people who have formed their team before the event to consider adding a first-time jammer to the mix. If you have a team but are missing someone with a particular skill set, don’t worry, you will meet that person at the jam!

How many people per team?
There is no required number, but we suggest you stick to 2 or 4. Anything above 4 or 5 per team is not recommended as it can get a little chaotic. You can also make a game by yourself, if you’re up to the challenge! Join the GAMERella workshops to broaden your skill set.

I have a team and a game idea. Can I start now?
The rules for most game jams are as follows: if the theme is not secret (true in this case–the theme is Boss Up), you may begin thinking of how you would like to approach making your game. However, you are not allowed to bring in any existing content. All assets of your game must be original, made from the start of the jam. You may use a pre-existing library, however, and if you do not have a sound person on the team, generally it is okay to include pre-existing sound which you have the rights to use.

I’m not available the whole weekend–can I just come by and check it out?
Yes! Come on by and see what people are up to! But try not to disturb their workflow…

TAG is dedicated to fostering a safe-space environment at all events: this means creating a space where all people, of any orientation, gender identity, and race, are respected and accepted. Harassment is not tolerated.
Harassment includes offensive verbal comments — related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, language, or otherwise — sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.
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***Note for safe/anonymous reports of harassment***
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