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Feb 09, 2015

LEVEL UP! WORKSHOP: Dating Sim & Visual Novel

TAG’s Level Up! workshop series continues with another Critical Hit alumnus Kim Hoang. Kim will teach basic Construct 2 and help you explore the magical world of Dating Sims and visual novels. The workshop will take place on Monday, February 9th at the TAG Atelier Project space (TAP). Please don’t forget to register!


by Kim Hoang


Do you have a weird and great idea for a dating sim or a visual novel? Want to explore a new interactive medium to tell YOUR stories? Are you an artist or a writer who loves games, but doesn’t know where to start? Join comic artist and Critical Hit alumnus Kim Hoang and figure it out together! Don’t forget to bring a laptop or share one with a friend.

In this workshop, you will learn to

-Use pre-made art and sound assets in a step-by-step tutorial — walk through the hardest part of the process without needing to bring anything but your laptop. If you want to bring in your own artwork, that’s also totally okay! Just follow our guidelines.

-Discuss game design variance in dating sims, and how to implement them.

-Create your own unique dialogue and narrative on the fly, and share your creation with an interested group.

-Meet potential game collaborators! Girls be ambitious!

-Easy for beginners, and especially ideal for artists! No knowledge of coding needed, but you will acquire some general programming logic, should you want to learn more later.


Download & install Construct 2 & assets.
It’s Windows only but Macs can also run it through with a Virtual Machine. Installing Construct 2 on Macs Guide.


kim hoangKIM HOANG is a comic artist influenced by shoujo manga, with an indie comics twist. She is a member of Love Love Hill, a Canadian collective that independently publishes anthologies of short comics, art zines, and minis, all lovingly bound in handmade volumes. Her experiments in game-making include “Blush or Burn” (a competitive 2P dating sim) in Pixelles Incubator 2, and co-creating “Nicki Homaj” at Gamerella 2014. She is also the fabricator for Mouffe, a game in a tent played with a blanket controller, made as a part of the Critical Hit incubator. Kim is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in drawing and printmaking. Having lived all over Canada, she is currently settled in Montreal.

WHERE? Concordia University, TAG Atelier EV 11.425
WHEN? February 9th, Monday – 5pm to 8pm