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Feb 28, 2015 - Mar 01, 2015

Critical Hit: PRE-JAM


TAG and Critical Hit Hardware Hacking & Physical Crafting Game Jam

Critical Hit applications are open! What now? How ‘bout a Pre-Jam to get (more) hacking/jamming experience under your belt!

Are you interested in unusual interfaces? Screenless computer games? Games for things you wear? Or what about some kind of crazy game where you have like, a button in your shoe or something? And another one in your coat pocket? And it’s all wired up to your laptop and you have to like, do some kind of awkward dance or something?

If so, then please join TAG and Critical Hit for the Hardware Hacking & Physical Crafting Game Jam. This jam runs from February 28th 10 am to March 1st 7pm, and our mission is to explore the potential of physical devices and objects in game design.

We welcome participants with all levels of experience and interest. Whether you are a seasoned hacker of All The Things, a Level 99 Crocheter, or a confused neophyte wearing your Pants of +5 Utter n00bness, we want you to join us! So bring your Oculus Rifts, Makey Makeys, Arduinos, breadboards, sewing kits, duct tape, staplers, and imaginations to ConcordiaUniversity at 10am on Febuary 28th, and be ready to make some very different kinds of games!

Also, for those interested in applying to Critical Hit 2015: Wearable Games but concerned you do not have enough experience, please join us for this jam. It will be an excellent opportunity to sharpen your hacking and making skills!



If you are a Concordia Student, you are also welcomed to join our MakerCircle on Fridays to meet kindred spirits and learn new skill. More info here:


February 28th & March 1st
Begins at 10h00 Saturday, ends at 19h00 Sunday
Showcase and playtest will follow!


Concordia University, Engineering and Visual Arts Building
1515 Ste Catherine St. W.,
EV 11.725 Lounge



About CH15

Critical Hit is a special kind of games incubator that develops experimental, avant-garde, unique, and otherwise innovative games that would not be made in a commercial setting.Critical Hit: Wearable Games is the fourth summer game incubator organized by the Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) Research Center at Concordia University and Dawson College.

For more information, how to apply and FAQs, please visit
Official application website:


Q. I’m applying for Critical Hit but I can’t make it to the jam! Does that mean I won’t get in?

A. Not at all! The Pre-Jam was created to help people get more jamming experience, add a game to their portfolio and see what they are capable of!

Q. I’m not applying to Critical Hit. Can I still jam?

A. Absolutely! Join us for a weekend you’ll not soon forget!

Q. I love the game jam atmosphere but I want to work on something else that weekend. Can I still jam?

A. NO. As with all jams, if you’re jamming with us, you’re jamming all the way. Take a chance! Use the theme, get into the groove and make something awesome!

Q. Can I start working now?

A. NO. All content must be created during the jam! However, you may use elements from a pre-existing library and music you have the rights to use.

Q. Can I sleep onsite?

A. No. You may work as late as you like–work though the night, if that’s your cup of tea–but due to Concordia regulations, you cannot sleep onsite. When you’re tired, go home to sleep and come back refreshed; you will be much more productive on day two!

Q. Do I need to bring my own food?

A. We are unable to anything more substantial than coffee and tea and some light snacks. There are many inexpensive options in the area for you to choose from! Mexican, Indonesian, Korean, gourmet burgers, pub food, sushi and much more await!

Q. When is Critical Hit?

A. The incubator runs from June 15th through August 21st, 2015.

Q. When are the deadlines for applying for CH14?

A. Applications are due March 15th.

Q. I have a question that is apparently not frequently asked. How do I get more info?

A. Send an email to with the word “CH Question” in the subject and we will get back to you as soon as we can.