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Nov 01, 2018

5a7 – HSH-Go! demo & talk

This Thursday, November 1st, join us at TAG for a demo and talk from the creators of HSH-Go!, a digital installation produced in collaboration between studio Ludociels pour tous and illustration collective HSH Crew. HSH Go! is an accessible, local, collaborative multiplayer platform game. It presents a story set in the dark, where only closed eyes are visible. Players explore the world and reveal the larger environment by opening the eyes together through coordinated timing and teleportation.
About Ludociels pour tous:
Ludociels pour tous is a Montreal nonprofit that creates digital experiments and videogames with a social purpose. We forge links between technoculture, art, videogames, minimalism, and accessibility, designing videogames without video, or videogames that are playable with a one-button joystick for people with disabilities. Our games are about conveying openness with others, rather than simulating conflict.
About HSH Crew:
Founded in Rouen, France, the HSH Crew has worked for fifteen years in street art, pop culture, and graphic design. Our work thinks about drawing in all its states and under all its forms, and our members bring together a diverse range of skills to create collaborative illustration. Multidisciplinary perspectives join in the practice of effervescent drawing by two, four, or ten hands. Far from remaining confined to their sketchpads, HSH Crew drawings migrate to the walls of the exhibition or the urban space, move in animation, flip across the pages of fanzines, and follow player directions in videogames.
WHAT: A playtest of the new game from Ludociels pour tous and HSH Crew!
WHERE: TAG Lab (1515 Ste. Catherine W, EV 11.435)
WHEN: November 1st, 5-7pm
WHO: All are welcome!