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Sep 28, 2016

University of the Streets Café @ TAG


Whose stories are told through gaming?

Computer games allow for meaningful immersion in complex tales that shifts as a result of our actions. At their narrative best, games lead us to situate our sense of self in relation to virtual constructs and to reflect on questions of morality. Given current industry trends, however, we may be tempted to consider whose stories predominate in game culture. Whose stories are told through gaming – who are the protagonists of games? To what extent is the gaming industry committed to diversifying the tales which it tells? Ultimately, who is gaming for and what is its potential in fostering reflections grounded in community engagement?


Tuuli Saarinen is a Finnish game designer living in Montreal. She specializes in UX design, flow design, and level design. Her firm belief is that UX design is the secret to making games the greatest narrative medium of all. In addition to practical design work, she has a background in game research, game journalism, and arts. Her research has focused on industry trends, game development processes, and emotion in video games


Rémy Paulin Twahirwa studies, lives and creates in Montreal. He is currently working on his first “poetic fragments” compilation (Soleil noir) through which he explores themes of childhood, death, mental health, social struggle and his identity and condition as a Black man. To read his texts, visit his blog, les heures blues, at:

WHEN? September 28th, 7pm
WHERE? TAG (Concordia, EV 11.435)
WHO? Everyone!