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Feb 2 – PlayPR Presentation with Ron Wakkary

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The First PlayPR Skype/Google Hangouts of 2012 will be by Ron Wakkary and Co at SFU in Vancouver.

If you are in Montréal, come to the TAG lab in the EV building at 1515 Ste. Catherine St Ouest. 10th floor, room 730 at 15hr (3pm) on Feb 2nd.

Title : The Delight and Inevitability of Everyday Design

In this presentation, Ron Wakkary will present an overview of the work we have been doing at the Everyday Design studio at Simon Fraser University. He will touch on previous work in the area of interactive tangible museum guides (ec(h)o, socio-ec(h)o, Kurio) and of tabletop design tools for game designers (Tangiplay).

He will also present more recent work about the topic of appropriation, the use of an object in a different way than what intended by the designer(s). Our world is constantly appropriated; appropriation is part of the lifecycle of design artifacts. Our studies include everyday design studies (ethnography in the home, with a focus on actions, routines and systems), repair and reuse study (Leah Maestri’s work) and steampunk study of design fictions (combination of Do-it-yourself communities, appropriation and bricolage, with a focus on materials, techniques and practices. Work with Joshua and Karen Tanenbaum).

There will be snacks and beverages.