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MIXCADE – February 5th, 5-9 PM


As part of Concordia’s 2012 President’s Conference Series, “Experiencing the Media Mix: Anime, Manga, Video Games,” Concordia University’s Technoculture, Art and Games research centre (TAG), Lab Six and a Half, and Montreal’s Mount Royal Game Society have joined forces to announce MIXCADE, a showcase of the best in innovative, experimental, and cutting-edge independent games from both local and international creators.

Open to all and featuring a blend of screen-based and physical games, immersive virtual worlds and unabashedly joyous multiplayer experiences, MIXCADE offers a glimpse into an exciting future of digital games. On Sunday, February 5th from 5-9, join us in the lobby of Concordia’s Engineering and Visual Arts building for a ‘new arcade’ event that celebrates the art and culture of a vibrant global community.

Special thanks to Hexagram-Concordia and TML.

For more information check out the Concordia Now page.

Look forward to our upcoming post announcing the game list at MIXCADE!