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Research & Creation

A Tough Sell

Lablablab, Jonathan Lessard

Have you ever dreamed of having a conversation with Snow White? In this short game, you can actually talk to her in plain English. Be part of the fairy tale: be the Evil Stepmother as she tries to convince the poor girl to eat the poisonous apple. You’ve tried to kill her twice already, so she might be a bit suspicious by now. Will you find the words to gain her trust?

A Tough Sell is LabLabLab’s first natural language conversational game prototype. Through your words, you play the role of Snow White’s evil stepmother. As the story goes, disguised as an old woman on her doorstep, you must attempt to convince her to eat a poisonous apple you prepared, hoping for her demise. This being your third assassination attempt, she might be a bit suspicious by now, herein lying the conversational challenge.

Design, writing and programming by Jonathan Lessard
Illustrations by Olivia Colden
Additional writing by Nick Kornek
Additional programming by Ashwath George
Additional programming & writing by Samuel Cousin
Chatscript technology by Bruce Wilcox

Game Type

Conversational game