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Lablablab, Jonathan Lessard

You are challenged to assume the role of a prophet—someone who has just heard from some divinity and strives to spread the good word. You meet Ambar, a basic Sumerian shepherd. Here’s a golden opportunity to hone your evangelistic skills. The guy wants to know everything about your God/Gods/Goddess/Being of Pure Energy and whatnot. The best part is, you can talk to him in plain English. He’s a bit thick but he tries hard. Will you make him a believer?

SimProphet is LabLabLab’s second prototype focusing on harnessing player creativity.

The game’s premise is that you’ve heard directly from some divinity and want to spread Their Holy Dominion. Through your encounter with a basic Sumerian shepherd named Ambar and his sheep, you are encouraged to sell your salad however best to convince him of the godsent importance of your evangelization. Being a conversational game, you can talk to him in plain English.

Design, writing and programming by Jonathan Lessard
Illustrations by Olivia Colden
Additional programming & writing by Samuel Cousin
Chatscript technology by Bruce Wilcox

Game Type

Conversational Game