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Research & Creation

Flip the Script!

Jess Marcotte

Flip the Script! is a game that makes use of puppetry, sociodrama, and alternative controllers to aid players in exploring systemic issues through roleplay. Inspired by Brechtian and Boalian theatre, and informed by readings on sociodrama and psychodrama, the game asks players to first break the ice through the use of puppets, then to find common ground with each other, and finally, to decide together on an intersectional social issue to explore. Flip the Script! invites players to think about how their personal experiences might be a part of larger interacting systems of privilege and oppression.

Game Type

hybrid game


the physical world


Puppets and Hardware made by Jess Marcotte

Designed by Jess Marcotte

This research is funded by SSHRC and the Reflective Games group.

Special thanks to the Reflective Games group for their ongoing feedback.