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Global Game Jam 2018 at TAG

Posted by Jess

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Global Game Jam, a weekend-long event where game makers simultaneously (or as simultaneously as possible, given time zones) gather in their respective countries to make games for 48 hours. TAG hosted a little over seventy jammers at our location this year. Sixteen games have been published on the Global Game Jam website from our location.

Our own Gina Hara, Jess Marcotte and Sylvain Payen organized the TAG site, and made sure that the jammers had everything they needed for a successful weekend. Thanks to EA, we were able to provide jammers with some fun prizes along with our unique TAG Global Game Jam trophy, designed by Samuel Boucher (an artist and game designer with KO-OP MODE, and one of the creators of GNOG).

During the weekend, our volunteers and organizers witnessed a lot of kindness among participants. Jammers encouraged each other and shored up each other’s confidence, talking about how they liked each other’s past games, or giving a hand with a thorny code problem or two. Some jammers met and worked in a team together for the first time. What a pleasure to watch the weekend unfold and to see so many projects come to life.

Our judges this year were Sarah Beck and Darin Casier from EA, local artist and designer Paloma Dawkins, and TAG Associate Director and designer Pippin Barr. Amongst the many descriptive awards that they awarded, “David Lynch Would Be Proud” stands out. We’re grateful that they came out to share their insights and knowledge!

If you would like to try and guess which game is most “David Lynch”-like, or if you’re curious about what was made this weekend, you can play all of the games made at our location by visiting the Global Game Jam website here. To see photos from the event, check out our album here.