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MashUp references – just for fun :)

Posted by janetingley

Over the last few days I have been attending the GRAND conference.  One of the highlights for me was the MashUp – Ludic Engagement as Real Research with panelists Joanna Berzowska, Jason Camlot, Lynn Hughes, Geoffrey Rockwell, Cindy Poremba, and Ron Wakkary.  I just wanted to pass on some interesting references brought up by the speakers.  Articles, papers, ideas and blogs all orbiting around the idea of making and doing as a form of research.  I will just list them below – and hopefully you will find some of the links as interesting as I have.  Happy clicking!

Blogs and articles, which came from Geoffrey Rockwell’s interest in scholarship within the digital humanities and how we evaluate it …

Also – check out

— this pdf about how the prototype argues…

— this lovely article about decentralization, and bottom-up innovation.

— and finally the idea of Design Fiction.