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Summer 5a7 Symposium News

Posted by Carolyn

During our meeting last week we decided to cancel the 5a7 Research Symposium this week due to lots of folks being busy with GRAND and/or out of town. Next Wednesday, May 9, Chimera Games will be hosting a role-playing workshop. More details to come.

Here are the other important decisions we made:

1. Following May 9, the 5a7 will be moved to MONDAYS, from 5-7pm, but will continue to be held every week. In September we’ll decide whether or not we want to move them back to Wednesday.

2. We have also decided to start holding impromptu, plan B discussions on days when there are no other presentations planned. These discussions will be about anything and everything the person hosting them wants to talk about, whether that’s a cool game, their thesis topic, a paper they’ve been working on, or their plans to take over the world (with videogames).

Several people have already volunteered to host plan B nights, including: Stuart Thiel, Adam van Sertima, Will Robinson, Anastasi Bakolias, Joachim Despland, Salvador Garcia-Martinez, Thorsten Busch, and Carolyn Jong.

If you’re interested in hosting a plan B night please let me know at ckjong (AT) These won’t be scheduled in advance, so it’s probably a good idea to talk about something close to your heart (no not that flask you keep in your shirt pocket, unless you can somehow relate it to technoculture).

3. The summer schedule is wide open so if you want to present and/or have any crazy ideas for theme nights let us know.